Save The Last Dance

Movie Reviews | Jan 12th, 2001

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Starring Julia Stiles, Sean Patrick Thomas, Kerry Washington
Written By:
Directed By: Thomas Carter

The only reason I went to see this movie was for a friend, because I have a heart of gold. But that’s the nice sweet guy that I am I guess. This turned out by far to be the 2nd worst experience I’ve ever had in a movie theatre.

First off, can people realize that I could give a shit about their cell phones? Didn’t you notice the thing that says TURN THE THE HELL OFF!?!?!?! Ohwell. I saw next to none of the movie as everyone in the place was talking yelling laughing skipping running jumping and all sorts of other things… SHUT UP during the movie unless you can whisper. Nobody wants to hear you yell “AWWWW YEAH! YOU GO GIRL!!!!!”

For real. Oh well. The movie was awful. Little plot, decent acting, bad story. Not my thing. But here’s the kicker. Halfway through the movie, the sound cuts out, then the movie goes out, then the lights come on. NOTE: 5 minutes before this about 5 or 6 young kids booked the hell out through the emergency exits, in a whicked rush. So now in walks 3 ushers, saying “PLEASE STAY IN YOUR SEATS, THE MOVIE WILL BE BACK ON SHORTLY.”

Ok….. Then in walks the police. 3 of em. Damn yo, I didn’t do anything for once. In between them is a 13 year old girl. They looked for the kids that booked the hell out of there, and totally didn’t find them. So they started the movie again. It sucked. But I already said that. Here’s the kicker of all though. On the way out, they are handing out these little pieces of paper and I’m thinking “Hell yeah! Free movie!” No. Not hardly. “GOOD FOR ONE FREE SMALL DRINK.” Fuck that. I’ll use it as scrap paper of pawn it off to my brother as weed if I color and shred it or something, I have dignity you know…..

Favorite Scenes: NONE. The best part is that I am listening to Rancid while writing the review.
Running Time: 0 minutes
Overall Rating:


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