All Out War

Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

It took you 5 years or so to release another album after “For Those Who Were Crucified.” What have you been doing during the long hiatus?
We have been breaking up, finishing school, working, getting back together, breaking up, and then getting back together.

How did the recording process for your new album “Condemned To Suffer” go?
It went great!!!!! Everyone at Big Blue Meanie are awesome people. We had fun and that’s all that matters at this point.

Do you think All Out War’s sound has gotten better over the years?
Sure, I guess……it definitely has gotten more metal.

Do you ever rock out to classical music?
No, do you?

Why do metal and hardcore bands have such long & dark names like “Beneath The Remains Of The Eternal Ashes To The Pit Of Darkness Within The Realm Of Hell”?
They like to sound dark and are attempting to sound clever. I hate most bands…….. Especially the pseudo intellectuals trying to be clever.

Miss doing shows at Sportland USA in Middletown?
Ha…not really. They were fun, but it’s not a time in my life that I’m in a hurry to get back to. I saw some very brutal fights at that place. I have some on video.

How come there’s no official All Out War website? “Come on, everyone’s doing it!”
We really don’t care………and we don’t need one.

Would you guys ever consider doing a tour with Jimmy Sturr?
Why not…. if we were going to do a tour I would rather play in front of his crowd than most hardcore nerds.

Do you ever plan to do a live album? Or do you think a live Cd wouldn’t capture your intense live shows well?

Here’s some random war questions:

A) War, what is it good for?
Absolutely nothing!

B) Do you think we should have gone to war with Iraq?
It doesn’t look that way. We were told it wouldn’t be an occupation…well it is. We were told there were Weapons of Mass Destruction……well, there are not any. We were told the people of Iraq would welcome us with open arms……..well, they have not.

C) Bloodiest battle in American history?
Antietam, in the Civil War, I believe.

D) Why do the Israelis and the Palestinians hate each other so much?
Territory………the Israelis have it…….. The Palestinians want it.

Thanks to Mike for answering some of the questions. Check out Victory Records’ page on All Out War here. Their new album “Condemned To Suffer” comes out October 21st.