The Mahones

Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

How did the Mahones get started? Who is in the band? And what did everyone do before the Mahones got started?
The Mahones were started on St. Patrick’s Day 1990. A friend of mine owned a Irish pub in Kingston Ont. and wanted me to do a one off gig for him. I am the only original Mahone left from that gig. The guitarist from Weddings, Parties, Anything (Australia) was in the band with me for that one. I was in a punk band called “The Reckoning” before that!

Are you sick of the Pogues comparisons or is it an honor to be compared to such a great band?
It’s an honor!!

Do you find it harder to write songs for each new album?
Depends on how my life is going that year! I have enough songs for my solo album which I am working on!

Has the deaths of your former bassists affected your life in anyway? I can imagine the deaths were pretty hard to deal with.
The Deaths were about the worst you could imagine. I guess that’s life though and you just have to deal with it.

You guys have released 2 new albums recently “Paint The Town Red” & “Live At The Horseshoe.” Can you tell me about them, and when can we expect new material from the Mahones?
Paint The Town Red was made for our European fan’s and American fan’s who don’t have our 4 CD’s and don’t know where to start. It also got us a record deal in Europe. Live at the Horseshoe was basically for Canada but everyone seems to enjoy the raw punk feel it has so were also selling it everywhere!! New Mahones should be out in March 2004!!!!

Have you ever collaborated with any of the members of the Pogues or plan to?
We are doing a tour with Terry Woods in Oct. We have also played 4 gigs and jammed all nite with Shane MacGowan and The Popes!!

What do you think about your fellow Canadians, The Real Mckenzies?
The Real Mckenzies are my favorite Canadian band!!

Do you feel the Celtic music scene is getting too saturated with the same type of bands that just play “Rocky Road To Dublin” all the time?
This music can never be to saturated. It lives on the streets. Not radio or TV. When was the last time you saw an Irish band on MTV. The more played, the better for all of us. I don’t know Rocky Road myself, but it’s a great song and I should learn it!!

Can you take back Celine Dion? We Americans don’t want her! Please?
Too late mate. She’s all yours now!! ha ha ha ha

Is it a known fact that all Canadians like hockey? Also, when I was in Toronto on the weekend visiting the Hockey Hall of Fame, there was nobody in the streets? Why is that?
I don’t give a fuck about hockey anymore!! Too many teams. You must of been in Toronto during the CNN Sars scare!! That’s what happens when you don’t go to war I guess!!

Do you have any funny tour stories?
Too x-rated!!!!

I’m not sure if you guys have played the Warped Tour at all in Canada, but would you play the whole tour to get more national exposure? Or do you think your style of music is more fitting for smaller venues & pubs?
Somebody should give the Warped guys my phone #. How many fucking times can you see Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphy’s on that fucking thing!!!! The bigger the show, the better!!!!

What do you think of file sharing? Do you think it’s more important for people to come out to your shows or to do buy your CDs?
I don’t take music off the net for free. That’s just me. I pay because this is my business and I know how much musicians need the money. I think people should financially support the bands they like, so they can make more music and stay in the industry!! But at the end of the day, whatever!!

What is the absolute WORST song you ever heard?
Stairway To Heaven or Hotel California!!!!

Do you have anything to plug? (Website, Tour, Etc.)
Check out for updates on The Mahones and Finny McConnell and The Snakes how are doing gigs this fall. The Mahones will tour with Terry Woods of The Pogues in Oct. in Canada. A show not to miss. The Finny McConnell debut solo Cd should be out this fall and the new Mahones in the spring 2004. Check out the Mahones news page for info on the band and CD’s. Cheers, Finny!!!!

You can order The Mahones’ Cds and stuff through their website or through True North Records here.