Mike Park (Skankin’ Pickle/ The Chinkees/ Asian Man Records)

Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

How long has asian man records been in existance?
5 years.

What was your goal when you first started asian man and do you think you are achieving it?
I just wanted to put out records. And have fun doing it. Luckily I’m able to make a living off the label. A definite bonus, so I’m happy and blessed.

What do you look for when looking to get bands on your label?
I just listen. If it sounds good, I’ll find out what kind of people they are. I want to work with nice people. Ya know what I’m saying.

Do you like wheaties or cracker jacks and why?
Cracker Jacks are better than wheaties. I never eat Wheaties, but you’re comparing a cereal to a popcorn treat.

How does it feel to be moving out of your house?
Actually, I haven’t moved yet. I’m a loser in that sense

How old are you?
31. Yikes. I’m old.

Who are your three favorite bands on the asian man records label?
not fair to say. I love them all the same. HA!

How many people work at asian man…. what are there names….. and what do they do?
TONY-Mailorder MIYA-PROMOTIONS, GRAPHICS, and ACCOUNTING ME-A little of everything.

What are three issues facing the country that are most important to you?
Geesh, from Cracker Jack questions to this. In the US I think that the 3 biggest issues are: 1.Medicare 2.War on Drugs 3.Gun control

How would you define punk? and how would you define ska?
Punk is a way of life. I much more describe punk as a way one lives their life. Example. This guy is renting out a walk in closet for $50 in Oakland, California. That’s punk. SKA? Well, that’s music. Anything with a accented emphasis on the and beat. Make sense??

Whose better the backstreet boys or spice girls and why?
I like the Spice Girls because they are girls. And I like girls better than boys.

Where you favorite place you have travelled to in the united states and why?
Hmmm….I like the midwest because I have a lot of friends from there. Chicago is beautiful. I love the city.

Do you have any nicknames? if so…… what are they?
Bruce Lee

In this space……. please explain why someone who has never heard of asian man records before should support it and by it’s albums ?
I think everyone should make their own decision. If you want to support the label, that’s great. For me to say why? Ummmm….I wouldn’t know how to begin. I just do my best and hope people like it.


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