All Out War – “Into The Killing Fields”

Album Reviews | By on Oct 31st, 2010

Record Label: Victory Records
Genre: Metal
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All Out War have been creating heavy hardcore & metal music since the early 90s. They are one of my favorite metal bands, and I always look forward to hearing new music from them. They don’t really play together all that much (or do they?) but I’ve seen them a few times since I live in the area. All Out War’s latest album Into the Killing Fields contains 9 tracks of brutally fast metal and that’s just the way I like it!

When I’m feeling in the need to listen to something heavy, All Out War is usually my go-to-band for that. This album is just as good as their other newer releases but I still think their Victory Records’ debut For Those Who Were Crucified was their best album to date. It sucks this album only has 9 tracks but there’s only one song that’s under 3 minutes so it’s not that bad. Mike Score still has it, and his vocals sound solid, and the rest of the band sound tight.

I’m not sure what it is why this band keeps breaking up, getting back together, going back on hiatus, and then coming back with new material. I guess they can’t stay away from the music for too long. Maybe they feel the need to show some of these so-called metal/metal-core bands how it’s done! Take note Victory bands! Into the Killing Fields is more of the same with All Out War and I’m happy about that. Check this out!

Bottom Line: Another solid metal album from All Out War!
Notable Tracks: Mercy Killer, Fear Those Who Claim Divinity, Into the Killing Fields
Overall Rating:


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