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ReadJunk Podcast – NYCC 2019 & Joker Non-Spoiler Review With Bryan, Ray & Joe

Oct 17th, 2019

Episode 44 of the ReadJunk Podcast is with Me (Bryan Kremkau), Ray Manuud and Joe Fogle. We discuss them going to New York Comic Con 2019, a Joker non-spoiler movie review, Disney+ a little bit, plus some other odds n ends. 
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Ska/Reggae Band Rukumbine’s Debut EP Out Now!

Oct 18th, 2019

Rukumbine’s debut EP is out now! The band was established in February 2018 and they are a quartet influenced from traditional Jamaican music styles of Ska and Reggae. they are based out of New Paltz, NY and have been performing all throughout the Hudson Valley Region. Rukumbine is comprised of Ben Basile (Big D) on bass, Jeremy Boniello on drums, Di Gomes on keyboards and saxophone, and Robert Julian (Rude boy George) on guitar.
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