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ReadJunk Podcast – Quarantine Catch Up With Bryan, Ray & Joe

Apr 4th, 2020

Episode 53 of the ReadJunk Podcast is with Bryan, Ray and Joe and we just catch-up a bit, talking about how surreal everything is right now. We discuss what’s happening in the world, we talk a little bit about Star Wars, what we have been watching, what were the last shows we went to before the pandemic. Plus we discuss whether or not New York Comic Con will be postponed or canceled. 
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Jordan Klassen Releasing New Album “Tell Me What To Do” on May 22nd

Apr 6th, 2020

Canadian indie singer/songwriter Jordan Klassen has announced he will be releasing his latest album Tell Me What To Do on May 22nd. We’ve heard a few songs from the album already with “Virtuous Circle,” “Surprised / Not Surprised,” “Indentivacation,” “I Want To Move In To Your House” and some others on YouTube and Spotify. The rest of the album I’m really looking forward to hearing considering Jordan has become one of my favorite songwriters. Each album he changes things up and expands his sound.
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