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ReadJunk Podcast – 2020 Oscar Nominations with Bryan and Adam Coozer

Jan 27th, 2020

It’s the first ReadJunk Podcast episode of 2020 and Episode #50 of the podcast as well! It’s with my buddy Adam Coozer, who co-created ReadJunk with me. He started Read Magazine, I started Ska, Punk And Other Junk and then we merged the sites about 15-17 years ago. This is actually the first time Adam has been a guest on the podcast and figured it would be a good time to discuss the 2020 Oscar Nominations. We usually do an article about our snap judgments of the Academy Awards but think it’s better to just discuss it over a podcast episode. We never claim to be experts on this, and usually we haven’t seen the majority of the movies but hey, it’s still fun to talk about. 
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Reel Big Fish and The Aquabats Announce Co-Headline Tour

Feb 25th, 2020

Reel Big Fish and The Aquabats will be touring again this year and The tour begins on May 29th! The tour will mostly be the West, the MidWest and the South. Tickets for all shows on sale Friday, February 28th at 10am local time.
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